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Instructions for use of industrial cryogenic freezing assembly equipment

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  In the process of industrial low-temperature freezing assembly equipment, due to the precipitation of retained austenite into martensite and ultrafine carbides, the hardness, wear resistance, impact toughness, and red hardness are improved. As a new technology, cryogenic treatment is applied in the heat treatment of high-speed die steel, which can significantly increase the service life of the die and has great practical value.
The use of industrial cryogenic freezing assembly equipment for high-speed steel can cause significant changes in the structure, effectively promoting the transformation of retained austenite to martensite and the precipitation of ultrafine carbides, so that the mold can obtain better comprehensive mechanical properties. After cryogenic treatment, the high-speed steel The service life of the mold is more than three times longer than that of conventional heat treatment, which has very important use value.
  The quenched high-speed steel that has undergone cryogenic treatment not only causes austenite transformation, but also martensite transformation. In the past few decades, the emphasis has been on the transformation of retained austenite. The new discovery of martensite decomposition can be seen as a new development in the research of high-speed steel cryogenic treatment in recent years.
  Among them, the horizontal water-cooled condenser of industrial low-temperature freezing assembly equipment is more suitable for most industrial low-temperature freezing assembly equipment systems in terms of design. The horizontal water-cooled shell and tube condenser, although it needs to be used with a water tower, is because its structure is relatively simple , And the probability of failure is low. If the quality of the materials can be guaranteed, the effect of use can be guaranteed, which is also the top priority.
  The horizontal shell and tube condenser does not even need a refrigerant storage tank, and the refrigerant liquid is stored directly under the shell and tube condenser, and it can even normally meet the small-scale and small-scale refrigeration requirements of enterprise industrial cryogenic refrigeration assembly equipment. , Regardless of large, medium and small and other scales, horizontal shell and tube condensers can be used.
  How to choose the condenser used in industrial cryogenic refrigeration assembly equipment is still related to its overall structure and requirements. For example, the condenser of the box type and the open type must be different, the structure is different, no matter what it is   Condensers also need to be cleaned regularly, especially after long-term use, they need to be shut down for maintenance, otherwise, the condensation effect of the condenser will be reduced, and the freezing effect of industrial low-temperature refrigeration assembly equipment will deteriorate. This has a great impact on the normal use of enterprises!
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