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Liquid nitrogen quick-freezer brings a new development revolution to the quick-frozen food market

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/10/27 9:44:57 Hits:867
  When it comes to quick-frozen products, most people think that they are unhealthy, nutritious, and unpalatable, but they are not. With the rapid progress and development of quick-freezing equipment, liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machines have begun to appear in people's sight, and are used in fruits and vegetables, seafood, aquatic products and other prepared foods. From quick-frozen fish, quick-frozen durian, to quick-frozen crayfish, etc., liquid nitrogen quick-freezing technology not only greatly improves the efficiency of quick-freezing, but also locks in nutrients and maintains a fresh taste. It releases great potential and ensures product quality.
   With the improvement of people's living standards and the accelerating pace of life, consumers' demand for quick-frozen products is also increasing. At present, the development of the domestic quick-frozen food market has entered a stable state. According to relevant statistics, the scale of China's quick-frozen food market has increased from more than 80 billion yuan in 2013 to more than 120 billion yuan in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 10%. It is expected that the market size will reach more than 140 billion yuan in 2019. It can be seen that the quick-frozen food industry is developing steadily and continuously.
   Industry analysts believe that the average annual growth rate of China's quick-frozen industry is higher than the world average, consumer demand is the endogenous driving force for industrial development, and technological progress is the main support.
   Therefore, as the market consumption of quick-frozen products continues to upgrade, quick-frozen food manufacturers must continue to innovate quick-freezing technology or use quick-freezing equipment to upgrade existing products to meet consumers' requirements for food freshness, nutrition and safety.
  In terms of freshness, nutrition, flavor and quality, the advantages of liquid nitrogen quick freezing technology continue to be highlighted. A few days ago, the author saw such a video, after the live fish was frozen by -196℃ liquid nitrogen, then the quick-frozen fish was put into warm water. After about 10 minutes, the fish was magically "live". According to relevant personnel, the live fish will be instantly frozen when put into liquid nitrogen, the freezing time is short, and the temperature drop is fast. The outer layer instantly freezes into ice crystals to protect the inside and retain the original activity of the product.
In addition, in order to better ensure the freshness, flavor and quality of imported durians, fresh food companies first eliminate the fruits that have wormholes, moth-eaten, poor quality or inconsistent with the picking process, and then use air jets to remove dust and impurities on the surface. After that, it passes through a liquid nitrogen quick-freezer immediately, using liquid nitrogen freezing technology, and rapidly freezing the durian at a low temperature of -110 ℃, for at least 1 hour, which is convenient for long-term transportation and storage, and does not damage the fruit cell tissue, and locks the moisture and Nutritional ingredients, and maintain the fresh taste.
  In addition to fruits, seafood, aquatic products, meat and other prepared foods have also begun to use liquid nitrogen freezing technology to greatly increase the added value of products, while also fully retaining nutrition and maintaining the original flavor and quality of the products.
   According to reports, a company in a certain place has realized the "one-stop" processing of crayfish, including more than 10 processes including cleaning, sorting, conditioning, cold brine, and liquid nitrogen quick freezing. Among them, liquid nitrogen is used as the freezing medium at -196℃ to freeze the crayfish extremely quickly, so that the nutrition can be preserved and the original juice and original taste of the product are guaranteed.
   It is not difficult to find that with the upgrading of market consumption, people's demand for convenient, nutritious, and safe quick-frozen food is increasing. In the future, the quick-frozen food industry must make further efforts in nutrition, flavor and quality to better meet consumer demand. In terms of ensuring the nutrition, health, flavor and quality of quick-frozen products, liquid nitrogen quick-freezers will play an important role and release great potential. The upgrading and development of the quick-freezing industry may also drive the transformation and development of the entire industry.
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