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Lixi Refrigeration Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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  Lixi Refrigeration Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that designs and manufactures Lixi series semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors and refrigeration equipment.
   The main products are semi-hermetic piston and screw refrigeration compressors, series refrigeration compression condensing units, series chillers, and undertake various cold storage and refrigeration non-standard projects.
   As a key enterprise supported by the Suzhou Municipal Government, our company invites engineers to participate in production design. The company has introduced many international horizontal machining centers for the production of aero-engines and a batch of vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines and other production equipment. Our company also has a compressor (group) full performance testing center to check the testing of each compressor. Lixi compressors use standard-length double-winding copper wire motors, the valve plate is guided by German engineers, and patented technology is introduced to ensure that the compressor is free of gas and oil injection. Steel gaskets are used to ensure that the compressor does not leak oil. Compressor screws, bearings and other small parts are all provided by imported suppliers. The meshing gap between the two screws and the assembly process all refer to the international screw machine. This makes Lixi compressors have higher mechanical precision, lower noise, lower vibration, larger cooling capacity and longer life.
   Since its establishment, the company has continuously improved its management system and has successively passed ISO9001-2008, CE and other quality system certifications, and its compressors and units have obtained national industrial product production licenses and related products. Participated in many international refrigeration exhibitions and won unanimous praise from the industry
   The R&D team of the company and well-known domestic universities has been keeping up with the international trend. Advanced product research and development, strict production management, complete sales network, and perfect after-sales service are the guarantee of Lixi's "continuous improvement".
   Being a good person in China and a good compressor in China, Lixi invites you to create a refrigeration business that will always belong to us!
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